When you check your bank account, you should see:

The Money You've Made

How Much You've Spent

Leftover Profits

Learn efficient and effective ways to build, grow and monitor your business finances!


Handling all aspects of your business can be tough as a Soloprenuer…But it doesn’t have to be!

By becoming equipped with the right strategies, resources and tools needed to chart a growth path for your business, not only do you set your sights on objectives that can be achieved, you also create patterns/steps necessary to achieve that set goal. In this course, you will learn exactly how to keep better track of your finances while organizing your financial management techniques.


A comprehensive and intensive program on financial management


Packed with 5-intensive video modules and a workbook, this course explores every step of record keeping and offers a thorough guidance on how to develop an organized financial management system. From helping you as a business owner understand the exact importance of record keeping and profit charting to educating you on tax reporting and document organization, you get an invaluable resource that puts you ahead.


Get rid of harmful financial habits and business practices!


Are you aware that poor cash management is a major cause for business failure? With over 50% of businesses failing in their first 5 years of operation, you definitely want to get all your bases covered and put all of your finances in check.


Each section of this course extensively covers highly relevant topics with an in-depth approach that leaves no stone unturned.  From showing you how to resolve and reduce large tax bills to helping you stay ahead of bad financial practices, you will learn how to alleviate common issues that most failed businesses encountered.


Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who is skilled at multi-tasking and delegating or the founder of a new startup looking to add new members to the team and build a principle of diligence and success, this course is the ideal resource you need to maintain a successful financial culture.

Instant Results

By enrolling in this course and actively learning from the videos and resources included, you get access to a wide range of values and benefits including:

  • Business Model

    A clear guide on how to understand your business model, manage your time and focus.

  • Cash Management

    Budgeting, revenue allocation, funding and profit tracking.

  • Owner Salary

    How to manage risks, funds and setup a pay structure for your business/employees.

  • Tax Reporting

    A complete guide on tax reporting, reduction and accounting.

Check out the course details below:


Module 1: Check Your M.
Mindset/Mental Health Check-in



  • Understanding your why.
  • Understand your business model.
  • How do you focus?
  • Time management strategies. 


Module 2: Simplify. Automate. Put It Away 
A Solopreneur's Guide to Record Keeping



  • Organizing your documents.
  • Cloud applications and automation options.
  • Record retention.
  • Use QBO to track & integrate with your current CRM/booking site/website/etc.
    • ​Can't deduct what you don't document.


Module 3: Let's Not Mingle
Co-Mingling Funds



  • Risk management.
  • Separate business account.
  • Reimburse yourself.
  • Pay yourself consistently.


Module 4: BAPS

Budgets and Profits



  • Failing to plan (create a business budget).
  • Pricing strategy. Don't discount to death.
  • Cash flow - How money moves through your organization.
    • Alternative business funding.


Module 5: Pay the Piper
Tax Reporting for Solopreneurs



  • Understanding your legal structure.
  • Choosing an accounting method.

  • Income tax - Federal Income tax and sales tax (product based businesses).

  • Payroll tax - 941 payroll tax (hiring your first employee) (5 minutes).

  • Self-employed taxes.

  • Escaping current tax notice.

  • Tax reduction strategies (401k, Roth, investment fund).

    • Retirement contributions.

    • Adding your children to payroll. 



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About the Author: Arnesha Bobo

As a Virtual CFO and Strategic Partner, I help small business CEOs build financial infrastructure for their company. My goal is to understand your vision and bring it to life.


With almost a decade of Accounting & Financial Reporting experience from my corporate background, I understand the need and desire to have accurate financials. I also understand that as a business owner, you want to build your dream company, leave a legacy for you loved ones and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


Let me help you gain visibility on your business finances. 

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