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Never worry about record keeping, cash flow or taxes again.

Are you tired of making money in your business but not seeing it in your bank account? Are you unorganized and unprepared to submit document requests? Are you overwhelmed with tax notices?



If you answered "NO" to any of those questions, this book is for you. 




Must Have

Tax Deductions

Every business owner, no matter the industry, must keep records of some sort. Whether it's a signed and executed lease for your office space, utility bills, previous tax records, bank statements, etc., those records must be kept and available for review at all times. These records may also determine your tax liability. Here are 5 tax deductions each business MUST take advantage of every tax year that could save you at least $10,000 in taxes:


  1. Home office deductions
  2. Asset purchases (vehicles, buildings, equipment, etc.)
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Travel costs
  5. Conference fees


This book is a road map designed to help you gain visibility on your business by teaching you strategies on maintaining organized financial records.


This book is dedicated to Solopreneurs who are busy and unorganized, busy yet organized and those who are not-so-busy yet unorganized. This body of work contains actionable steps that explains exactly how to organize your financial records and documents.


Over the next 30 days

You'll learn how to implement the following:

Financial System

Implement a financial management system.


Use automation tools to accompany a financial management system.

Organize Documents

Organize your financial records and documents.

75 Top Deductions

Learn the top tax deductions to help reduce your taxable income. 

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Chasing Papers, A Solopreneur's Guide on Record Keeping and Financial Management



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    Tameka, CEO of Bella Tresors

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    Zandia, CEO of The Fancy Agent

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About the Author: Arnesha Bobo

As a Virtual CFO and Strategic Partner, I help small business CEOs build financial infrastructure for their company. My goal is to understand your vision and bring it to life.


With almost a decade of Accounting & Financial Reporting experience from my corporate background, I understand the need and desire to have accurate financials. I also understand that as a business owner, you want to build your dream company, leave a legacy for you loved ones and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


Let me help you gain visibility on your business finances. 

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