I’m Arnesha Bobo

Small Business CFO

Are you ready to transform your money habits?

Are you tired of making money in your business but not seeing it in your bank account? 

Per the Small Business Administration, of the 30+ million small business that are in the United States, about 40% of them struggle with the following:

  • Overwhelmed with cash management.

  • Severely underfunded.

  • Do not have a growth or retirement plan in place.

  • Unnecessarily high tax bills.



What Are the Benefits of Working with Us?



Cash Flow Analysis

Monitor your key performance indicators, track cash flow and track company performance. 

Profit Analysis

Learn how to ensure your company is profitable and on a growth track. 


Learn how to manage all records and data for your company (cash receipts & purchases).

Tax Reduction

Quickly identify tax efficient strategies and opportunities to reduce your taxable income.

How to Work with Us

We have flexible consulting options. Please choose the most convenient option for you. 

Option 1

Are You a New Business or a Solopreneur?

These options are great for new businesses and are budget friendly. 

            CFO Money Call

            This 90-minute Money Intensive focuses on strategies to: 

            • Control expenses,

            • Tax reduction,

            • How to increase profitability.  

            DIY Course

            This do-it-yourself 5 module course focuses on strategies to: 

            • Implement a profitable business model,

            • Manage cash flow,

            • Pay yourself a salary and,

            • How to prepare for tax reporting.  

            4-Hour VIP Day

            This 4-hour intensive implements:

            • Accurate financial statements,

            • Financial processes & systems,

            • Business budget,

            • How to increase profitability.  

            How to Work with Us

            We have flexible consulting options. Please choose the most convenient option for you. 

            Option 2

            Are You an Existing Business with a Small Team?


              6-Week CFO

              Ready to focus on scaling your company? Our 6-week services include:

              • Implementing growth strategies,

              • Focus on revenue acceleration,

              • Assistance with access to capital and,

              • Refine your current tax position. 

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                      We work with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs across multiple industries. Check out our latest stats:


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                      Client Revenue

                      Industries We Serve

                      Medical Professionals

                      • We work with doctors (both W2 and 1099s),
                      • We work with private facilities,
                      • We work with nurses.

                      Service-Based Businesses

                      • We work with real estate agents,
                      • We work with legal professionals,
                      • We work with bakers and caterers,
                      • We work with coaches and consultants.

                      Government Contractors

                      • We implement DCAA compliant accounting processes,
                      • We implement DCAA compliant accounting systems, 
                      • We build out a small finance team and,
                      • Assist you with seeking capital funding. 

                      Check out my book,

                      "Chasing Papers"

                      Over the next 30 days


                      You'll learn how to implement the following:


                      • Step-by-step instructions on setting up your Quickbooks Online account.

                      • Automation tools to easily identify & control your costs.

                      • Organization of your financial records and documents.

                      • Immediate tax reduction strategies.

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                      Bella Tresors


                      CEO, Bella Tresors

                      "Arnesha provided exceptional service as she consulted and educated me on organizing my small business finances".


                      Zandia Oliver


                      CEO, The Fancy Agent

                      "Arnesha taught me the importance of having a great foundation with my business finances".


                      Ron Stanton


                      CEO, Next Level Ent.

                      "Arnesha's services were reliable, high quality, useful and unique".


                      About the Author: Arnesha Bobo

                      As a Virtual CFO and Strategic Partner, I help small business CEOs reconnect with their money by transforming their money habits. This transformation is a result of implementing financial processes and systems into your organization. My goal is to understand your vision and bring it to life.


                      With almost a decade of Accounting & Financial Reporting experience from my corporate background, I understand the need and desire to have accurate financials. I also understand that as a business owner, you want to build your dream company, leave a legacy for you loved ones and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


                      Let me help you gain visibility on your business finances. 

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